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Data Querying Using LINQ and C# (DEV286x)

About this course

Comparing with other programming platforms, one of the most significant advantages of .NET is its Language-Integrated Query, or LINQ. LINQ is a powerful library that allows unified data query experience regardless of the data source. It is also language-independent which means it can be used in any .Net language like C#, VB.NET and F#. LINQ makes code more compact and readable. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of LINQ and will get an extensive experience composing efficient LINQ queries in your .NET applications.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the basics of LINQ, which is an indispensable part of .NET development skill.
  • Learn the concepts of data querying in .Net and C#.
  • Enhance your hands-on experience using LINQ for data query through many labs and challenges from real projects.
  • Learn and get familiar using PLINQ which is the parallel version of LINQ for enhanced performance for your queries.


  • Knowledge of C# language and .NET collections.
  • The concept of generics such as generic classes and generic methods.
  • Delegates, extension methods and lambda expressions are helpful but not required.
  • Familiarity with database concepts and data relationships is preferred.

Meet the instructors

Marwa Hussein

Marwa Hussein

Content Developer
Microsoft Corporation

Marwa Hussein is a Content Developer at Microsoft. Marwa has worked in Microsoft as a software developer for about 4 years before she switched her focuses to the education track at Microsoft. Before Microsoft, Marwa worked for 7 years on creating and teaching computer science courses for undergraduate students. Marwa is passionate about teaching and believes that learning is a continuous journey for a person to grow and flourish.

Timothy Liu

Timothy Liu

Full-stack software engineer and technical writer
Myriad System

Timothy Liu is a full-stack software engineer and technical writer at Myriad Consulting with a focus on web development and fundamental training. He has over 10 years of industry experience in various roles including software development, consulting, and training. Timothy has experience programming with:

  • C/C++/C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • HTML and CSS
  • SQL

Myriad Consulting Inc specializes in Staffing, Outsourced Project, and IT Solutions Delivery. Our areas of expertise include education, software development of all tiers, hardware design/testing, gaming, administrative, finance & accounting, and sales & marketing.

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  4. Estimated Effort

    Total 8 to 16 hours